Gutshot: The Intuitive Photography of Jay King and Lee Balterman

GUTSHOT pairs two lifelong photographers born and raised in Chicago.

Although Jay King (born 1944)  and Lee Balterman (born 1920) each had a career in the editorial / commercial world, the heart and soul of their artistic achievements lie mainly in the images they created on their own, pictures they couldn’t not make.  That work (covering a sixty year period) is largely concerned with responding to the people they encountered in public-  from the lakefront and the Art Institute  to Clark Street bars to Riverview Park and the surrounding neighborhoods.  They recorded fans and players from the Coliseum to Comiskey Park to Wrigley Field and riders on the elevated and subways between. The majority of the more than fifty vintage silver prints is at once a tribute to the city in particular and to our common bond with people everywhere.