Gimme Shelter!

Here at the Stephen Daiter Gallery we are totally psyched to be hosting

GIMME SHELTER! – a month –long exhibition culminating in a silent auction of the best kind – one where you get something wonderful for a really good price and feel absolutely marvelous doing it.

How ???, you may wonder? Well it’s simple. GIMME SHELTER will benefit CHICAGO CANINE RESCUE, a truly special Chicago operation staffed with dedicated animal caregivers and volunteers.

And – 100% (Yeah, you read that RIGHT!! ) of every dollar you spend on a cool work of art or quality offering goes D I R E C T L Y to them.

If you’ve ever adopted a dog, cat, or anything for that matter, you know how good it can feel to give these little guys a second chance at life. At CHICAGO CANINE RESCUE, they go a BIG step further, and offer a third and last chance at life – especially embracing those animals who are cast-off by other well-meaning shelters. Whether illness, age or abuse-induced behavior is preventing normal adoption, here the critters are cared for and cherished until they find a home, or live out the rest of their lives in comfort. So reach for the piggy bank, and follow our offerings online and also in person, if you possibly can.

Photographs, books and other prizes gathered from around the country will be on display during April with bids being taken starting April 4th, and the silent auction taking place on Saturday, April 25th, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Please show up in person if you can that day and mingle with like-minded art-lovers ! And go home with a wonderful work of art you nailed for an even more wonderful cause !!  

See You Here in April!

RSVP for the event on April 25th, to or call (312)787-3350 to get added to our list!

To preview the artwork visit our tumblr page at


Thank you to all who have donated so far – Deborah Bell & William Schaeffer,  Paul Berlanga Fine Art & Photographs, Jeff Brown, Karen Daiter, Maya Daiter, Scott Dietrich & Jeanne Lambin, Jeffrey Goldstein, Andrew Lugg & The Estate of Lynne Cohen, The Wayne F. Miller Estate, Jennifer Norback Gallery, Richard and Janet Rosenthal, Anita Stiegler

And to the artists- Matthew Avignone, Carolyn Beller, Susan Bernstine, Lynne Brown, Jim Cooke, Craig Cotsones, Paul D’Amato, Sandra Dawson, Willem Diepraam, Anita Douthat, Michelle Frankfurter, David Gremp, David Alan Harvey, Kenneth Josephson, Barbara Karant, Jay King, Cal Kowal, Michael Lana, Julie McGuire, Sandro Miller, Robin Power, Richard and Janet Rosenthal, Ron Seymour, Peter Sorel, Brad Temkin, David Travis, Leslie Travis, Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb, Ann Worthing, Kathy Yates

And to our sponsors

Bentley’s Corner Barkery


Longman & Eagle

Dog. Hotel / Daycare Chicago

Fleur de lis

Kiehl’s Cosmetics, Lincoln Park

Powell’s Bookstore

Penguins for Patients

JS Graphics

Jeff Hirsch Books