Elliott Erwitt: Small, Serious, and Otherwise

Elliott Erwitt : Small, Serious and Otherwise

Ask most informed people about the art of Elliott Erwitt and they’ll describe a body of work filled with sly wonder; photographs that cast a sideways smile at both the sacred and the profane. And they would be correct – Elliott’s best-known works exude the irrepressible tone of an existence at ease.

As you examine the photographs in this exhibition, however, you will see thoughtful consideration of the somber side of human nature. Contemplative and enigmatic. Somber, respectful and nuanced. Open-ended observations that allow us in as opposed to our being brought in with a grand gesture. From the spare sight of a single flower in an austere window setting to an uncomprehending child visiting Auschwitz, these haunting vintage prints round out our understanding of a world-class artist.

It is because the artist Elliott has made his peace with the pain and uncertainty of our collective existence that he can so genuinely respond and transmit an understanding of both the dystopia…and its opposite – the joys of silliness and warmth of human connection.

And speaking of that, yes there will be some silliness…

‘Small, Serious and Otherwise’ opens on Friday, January 7, 5 – 8 pm and continues
through February 26, 2011. Gallery hours are 11-5, Wednesdays through Saturdays and by appointment.

Exhibition Date

January 7th - February 26th

Reception Time

January 7th, 2011; 5-8pm

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