Contemporary Visions: 30 Years of Highlights

This group exhibition examines several facets of contemporary photography over the past 30 years. Working in portraiture, Gary Schneider and Louis Gonzalez Palma hold fast to the medium itself, often manipulating or using heavily processed imagery to convey a new type of revelatory portrait. Self-portrait work by D’Angelo Lovell Williams tackles more recent, and meaningful ideas about identity, our place in the world and how the world perceives of us.
Fresh approaches to the landscape, often more inclusive of concept, convey a deep sense of the past , the immediate, and what’s to come. Dawoud Bey’s latest history series’, In this Here Place, examines the horrific exploitation and quiet resilience of African Americans within the Louisiana landscape. For Paul D’Amato it the present day social issues ̶ represented by the human figure enveloped and disregarded by the land. While Brad Temkin’s aerial views depict the earth’s dwindling natural resources, with a nagging yet lost sense of idealism.
In the case of Abelardo Morell and Lynne Cohen, their photographs examine seemingly innocuous interior scenes. They cleverly and wryly address the evolution of the form itself, not only begging the question what is photography, but why?