Barbara Crane at Ninety: A Look at Selected Series

In celebration of her ninetieth birthday, Stephen Daiter Gallery is pleased to present Barbara Crane At Ninety: A Look at Selected Series.  A graduate of the renowned Institute of Design, Chicago, Professor Emeritus at the Art Institute of Chicago, and distinguished artist, Barbara Crane has been making photographs now for close to seventy years.  Working mainly in serial projects, the highly prolific Crane has built a body of work that would be the envy of most.  In t his exhibition Stephen Daiter Gallery has honed their approach focusing on five distinct, but interrelated series covering street life, still life (though all the subjects are dead), human form, and architectural form.  On view will be vintage photographs from Crane’s seminal series, specifically Neon Series (1969), People of the North Portal (1970-71), Still Lifes: Natures Mortes (2000-02), Multiple Human Forms (1968-69), and Chicago Loop (1976-78). Each series presents a seemingly different theme up close, but viewed wholly creates a compelling and organic vision of us, our surroundings, life, and death.

The show is being held in collaboration with Catherine Edelman Gallery (Chicago, IL) who will also feature the artist in a solo Exhibition,  The Polaroid Years featuring some of her best known Polaroid pieces from the late 1970s/80s including recent work from 2012.