Brad Temkin: Rooftop

“Temkin’s clearly seen photographs offer hope as to our industrial future.”

PhotoBook Journal

Rooftop draws poetic attention to a significant new movement which counters the heat-island effect afflicting cities across the globe. The benefit of green roofs reaches beyond reduced carbon footprint and improved storm water control. These grassy spaces embody the conflict of our existence, symbolizing the allure of nature in the face of expanding urban sprawl.

Shot in locations ranging from Chicago to Zurich, BRAD TEMKIN situates his organic subjects within the steel, stone and glass angularity of urban structures, inviting viewers to revel in the open patterns and colors of these rooftop landscapes and their unobstructed connection to the sky.

Temkin’s images are interspersed with writings by authors John Rohrbach and Steven Peck, as well as architect Roger Schickedantz. These essays address such things as the aesthetics and intent of the photographs, living architecture, design, sustainability and the concept of bringing nature into an innovative urban context.

Additional Information

Radius Books, Santa Fe, USA, 2015

Photography by Brad Temkin Text by John Rohrbach, Steven Peck, Roger Schickedantz Hardcover in clear lucite slipcase 11.5 x 12.5 inches 110 pages / 65 images Includes 36-page booklet insert ISBN: 9781934435946